Bob Marley: An Exhibition

This exhibition is now closed

Bob Marley and the Wailers dominated the pop music scene for almost 20 years and left an indelible mark on the philosophies, styles and costumes of the age. With his group "The Wailers", Bob Marley played a vital role in the resurrection and development of Jamaican music from 'ska' through to 'reggae'. When later he embraced Rastifari beliefs his growing commitment to spiritual and social issues became an important part of his music and an undeniably important contribution to youth culture worldwide. This was recognised shortly before his death when he was awarded Jamaica's Order of Merit, an honour that clearly recognised his outstanding contribution to Jamaica's contemporary culture. The vivacious style of the singer and the media attention which followed his career have given us the dramatic photographs which dominate this show. The exhibition also marks the tenth anniversary of the singer's death. He died of cancer, tragically aged just 36, in Miami in 1981.

Bob Marley - An Exhibition is a touring show which consists of a large collection of photographs, graphics and memorabilia selected by the British photographer Adrian Boot from works in the collection of the Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica. Included in these are images from his 1979 New Zealand concert at Western Springs. But of course, without the music the images are but pale shadows. Therefore the show includes extensive video footage of the musician in action and documentary footage of his life as a performer, peacemaker, politician and Rastaman. Assisting these are extended captions with Marley's own quotes and lyrics, news clips and didactic panels.

Bob Marley - An Exhibition is a special opportunity to see, appreciate and place in context, the life and works of Bob Marley. One of the most challenging and charismatic performers of our time, highly successful with audiences in Australia, this exhibition comes to us as part of a world tour which has included the United States, Scandinavia, Europe and Britain. It is brought to Christchurch by Exhibitour New Zealand and supported by New Zealand Van Lines and Polygram New Zealand.

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