Alastair Galbraith and Matt De Gennaro: Long Wires in Dark Museums Vol. I 2009

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Long Wires in Dark Museums Vol.I 2009

Autahi [12:15] / Rehua [8:16] / Antares [13:23]

These three tracks were recorded in mid-1999 while Alastair Galbraith and Matt De Gennaro were collaborating on a unique sound installation project that toured galleries throughout New Zealand. The project involved stretching wires across rooms at the various venues, and the haunting resonant sounds you are listening to were created by the artists simply running fingers along the wires. In essence Galbraith and De Gennaro transformed the very buildings they were performing in into musical instruments, the physical proportions and dynamics of the various rooms in which the performances took place contributing uniquely to the sounds achieved.


  • Date:
    1 December – 31 December 2008
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