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Te Ara volume 29 number 1, May 2004

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Te Ara volume 29 number 1, May 2004


Editorial / Jane Legget
Trusteeship issues in UK museums / Adrian Babbidge
Te Papa - product, and agent, of change / Seddon Bennington
Making the connection - biculturalism at work / Cath Nesus
Sex, booze and museums - a heady cocktail in Gore / Joanna Cobley
Matakohe's Kauri Museum - a marketing success story / Roger Smith
Ten Canadians Stranded on an Island in the South Pacific – found loving every minute / Susan Fowler
Looking back, looking forward: 25 years of the Queen Elizabeth II Army Memorial Museum / Dayalan Naicker
Textile conservation in New Zealand - unravelling before our eyes? / Tracey Wedge
Towards a national strategy for museums / Sir Paul Reeves and Ross Tanner
Objectspace - new arrival on the Auckland art scene / Philip Clarke
The art of science / Jude Benson
Niue: cultural heritage collections after Cyclone Heta / Jocelyn Cumings and Tharron Bloomfield
Fitting forms: problems of dress displays for museums / Angela Lassig
Prepared for the worst? / Lynn Campbell
Museums provide disaster relief: community service, collaboration and cultural well-being / Susan Abasa
Book reviews: The Promise of Cultural Institutions, author: David Carr / Tim Walker; Academic Anthropology and the Museum: Back to the Future, editor:
Mary Bouquet / David Butts
Building for the museum environment / Linda Wigley
Living structures: public/private space / John Hurrell
ICOM New Zealand / Greg McManus

AGMANZ and Te Ara
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