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AGMANZ Journal Volume 20 Number 2 1989

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AGMANZ Journal Volume 20 Number 2 1989

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Editorial / Cheryl Brown
1989 AGMANZ Conference
Reflections on Conference / Shane Pasene
This thing called biculturalism / Tim Walker
A brief review of Conference / Cheryl Brown
Report of the President / Mina McKenzie
Opening address / Hon. Fran Wilde
Biculturalism and museums from a Maori point of view / Archdeacon Sir Kingi Ihaka
Ross Jansen: Speech to AGMANZ Conference / Cheryl Brown
Tuning into the Pacific / Eteuati Ete
Pacific collections within New Zealand museums / Cheryl Brown 
Preserving Hawaii's moving images / Ruth Tamura 
Museums, monuments and the struggle of indigenous people: a Chamorro testimony / Laura M. Torres Souder 
In service: museum liaison officers / Cheryl Brown 
AGMANZ Professional Liaison Committee / Stuart Park 
Te Taonga Maori / Shane Pasene 

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