The New Image: Aspects of Recent N.Z. Arts

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The New Image is one of a series of exhibitions prepared by the Auckland City Art Gallery dealing with contemporary developments in New Zealand painting. The exhibitions are designed to bring to the fore works that face similar issues, rather than being a major survey of New Zealand art.

In his foreword to the catalogue, Dr Rodney Wilson describes the New Image exhibition as being one that concerns itself with a group of figurative painters, or painters who evoke memories of, or associations with objects. They are linked by these qualities, by certain shared concerns, by a similar language and by choice of colour, paint quality and surface. They are a diverse group for all the similarity sharing a mix of attitudes and formal vocabulary rather than any pursuit of a common goal of adherence to common roads! The artists represented are Wang Sing Tai, Denys Watkins, Richard Killeen, Paul Hartigan, Dick Frizzell, Gavin Chilcott and George Baloghy.

('Aspects of Recent N.Z. Arts – The New Image', Bulletin, No.28, July/August 1983, p.2)

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