Sex and Sign

This exhibition is now closed

Sex and Sign was curated by Auckland University teacher and art critic Dr Wystan Curnow. It includes work by five artists who, as Dr Curnow comments in his catalogue essay, "are also readers ..... In fact skilled readers undaunted by the most difficult of texts."

The artists have addressed the 'problem' of gender, and the nature of sexuality in a period described by the curator as one of decadence. "Society, we might say, has broken down, we are in that period of decadence, and have been for quite some time. This exhibition is as much a function of it as Rogernomics."

It is thought-provoking and intellectually important exhibition, bringing together works by five of New Zealand's most challenging artists: Terrence Handscomb, Julia Morison, Ralph Paine, Merylyn Tweedie and Christine Webster. It deals with issues of direct relevance to our culture.

('Sex and Sign', Bulletin, No.65, September/October 1989, p.2)

This exhibition was held at the McDougall Art Annex.