Peter Masters

United States

Pod flower

  • Clay
  • Purchased, 1982
  • 280 x 260mm
  • 89/01

A lot of Peter Masters’ work is based on an exploration of earthly origins and forces of existence. A pod in nature often serves to protect something that is growing and the complex exterior of Pod Flower hints at an inner structure in the initial stages of its development. This large work has been wheel thrown and then finished with numerous tile-like squares. The precision of the design recalls the work of Rumanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi (1876 - 1957) whom Masters regards as a major figure in his development. Masters also makes large ‘landscape pots’, planters and domestic ware that are hand built and hand glazed. Masters was born in Canada. He studied at Ceramic Arts, Calgary, Canada, then completed a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington. He immigrated to New Zealand in 1979 and moved to Australia in 1986. Masters’ work is held in public and private collections throughout the world. A major public commission can be seen in Cairns Airport in Australia.