Devilled sausages

Behind the scenes

The spirit of weirdly enigmatic protest art lives on. (Maybe.)

A while ago, Justin Paton paid tribute to the bemusing qualities of the painted protest below.


While doing the family grocery shop at the local Countdown, I've been wondering if a slightly more aggressive, but similarly inscrutable, protest might be underway.

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that almost all of the Heller's 'Genuine Pork' sausages packs have been weighed out so that they come in at the rather distinctive price below. 



Where they are not that exact price they are so close (one or two cents out) that they suggest that this is the number that was being aimed at, if not always achieved. Putting aside for the moment the possibility that this is sheer coincidence (a quick check of other brands suggested a much wider variation in pricing), this raises a few intriguing possibilities.

Have these bangers been deliberately weighed and priced this way as some kind of oblique statement about the evils of sausage consumption?

Is the person on the pricing machine promoting devil worship one six pack at a time through the only avenue available to them?

Given the name of the brand, is this some kind of under-the-radar marketing ploy and if so, why not go for something more overt - like "DAMN, they're good"?

Are these, in fact, Satan's sausages?