Northern Exposure: Five Auckland Artists

This exhibition is now closed

An exhibition of works by Glenys Brookbanks, Giovanni Intra, Denise Kum, Esther Leigh and Yuk King Tan.

Northern Exposure presents the work of five Auckland artists.

Denise Kum explores a fascination with the properties of the substances, exploiting their differing chemical make-ups. Her liquiferous blue glass objects sit on a table of experiments, making a connection between the laboratory and the studio, and exposing both areas as sites of sensory and scopic practices.

Artist, writer and curator Giovanni Intra is known for his interdisciplinary approach to artmaking and this show reflects recent concerns in his work, creating parallels between artistic and medical endeavours.

Esther Leigh brings a biomorphic dimension to the exhibition. Her minimal and ethereal works evoke a sense of the organic forms found in a laboratory while also commenting on the process of perception.

Glenys Brookbanks also works within a minimalist framework. Her work has a tranquil and meditative quality established through the repetition of a grid format and the use of limited colour. Yuk King Tan as a Chinese New Zealander reflects both a New Zealand and Asian perspective in her work. She examines issues of identity, integration and translation, expressing her dual cultural background. Tan uses traditional Chinese materials bought from Chinatowns and Asian supermarkets where culture is imported, activating notions of alignment and displacement.

('Northern Exposure', Bulletin, No.97, August/September 1995, p.4)

This exhibition was held at the McDougall Art Annex in the Arts Centre.