Futuresight: Innovations in Art Holography

This exhibition is now closed

Holograms are created by using a laser and light sensitive material chemically similar to a photographic emulsion. But unlike photography or painting, holography shows the subject with complete dimensional fidelity. A hologram can create everything your eyes see: size, shape, texture and relative position. But if you try to touch a holographic image all you'll find is focused light.

Holography was earlier known as 'lenseless photography' and dates from 1947 when the Hungarian scientist Dennis Gabor discovered wavefront reconstruction while working on the resolution of the electron microscope. Named from the Greek holos – whole, and gamma – message, it was further developed with the invention of the laser beam.

Its applications in science and technology were immediate and once Dr Stephen Benton of the Polaroid Research Laboratories had discovered a method by which holograms could be illuminated by any type of light source in the 1960s, then it began to come in general attention.

Since then, combined artistic and scientific ventures have been exploring the creative possibilities of the medium and recent exhibition of their work have been held in the USA, Britain, France, Germany, Venezuela, Israel and now in New Zealand. This show is organised and toured by the Museum of holography, New York. Twenty-eight contemporary holograms from American, British, Canadian, German, Japanese and Dutch artists will be on exhibition. Accompanying the show is a twenty minute documentary video Holography: Memories in Light which demonstrates several commonly used laboratory methods for producing holograms and looks at the ways holograms are entering our lives.

Futuresight is brought to Christchurch through the assistance of the Electric Corporation of New Zealand Limited. Admission will be $5.00 adults, $3.50 Friends and beneficiaries, $2.00 children and $10.00 family groups.

A special evening with a guest speaker is planned for members of the Friends of the McDougall on Wednesday April 6, 7.30 p.m. Tickets to this evening will be $3.00 which covers entry to the exhibition plus refreshment will be sold at the door.

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