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ISBN: 1176-0540


In this edition of Bulletin we hear from Lana Lopesi, who looks at the burden of expectation on Jacqueline Fahey’s work. Fahey was one of the first New Zealand artists to paint from a women’s perspective, making paintings which challenged accepted archetypes of female experience and what were ‘appropriate’ subjects for art. Lopesi asks how we might look at contemporary feminist art practice within Aotearoa New Zealand today. And Robyn Maree Pickens examines the ways that photographic artist Ann Shelton represents women through their absence. Operating where documentary and conceptual photography meet, Shelton counters the objectification of women by showing us the dark matter of marginalised female lives.

As an acceptance of the realities of anthropogenic climate change enters our political dialogue, Amy Howden Chapman and Abby Cunnane survey the language currently surrounding it. With a series from their continuing Distance Plan project, they offer a lexicon intended to encourage reasoned discussion and action about the ways we are altering our environment. And Lara Strongman offers us a window into the thinking and motivations of five of the artists featured in Your Hotel Brain. Pagework comes from Christchurch artist Melissa Macleod, who highlights the concerns of residents in this city’s eastern suburbs; and My Favourite comes from landscape architect Megan Wraight, who picks a painting by Olivia Spencer Bower with a family connection.

Pages: 64

Dimensions: 265 x 215mm

Imprint: Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū

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