Computer Art from Germany

This exhibition is now closed

An exhibition of a new field of creative practice from the Goethe Insitute

This will be the first New Zealand showing of an exhibition of contemporary German computer graphics which the McDougall Art Gallery is touring in this country on behalf of the Goethe Institute.

Featuring the work of ten German computer artists, Klaus Basset, Herbert W Franke, Hein Gravenhorst, Karl M Holzhauser, Gottfried Jaeger, Manfred Mohr, Frieder Nake, Georg Nees and Karl Siebig, this exhibition is an absorbing product of the marriage of science, technology and art. It is often not realised to what a large extent the computer is harnessed by teams of artists and technicians to solve design problems, but it should be stressed that this exhibition is not comprised of works produced by the computer according to strictly determined design criteria, but, instead of free graphics which probe the possibilities of new programming methods and figural ideas, graphics where the computer has been used as a tool of artistic expression.

A working display of graphics plotted on equipment from the University of Canterbury's Computer Centre will run during the period of the exhibition.

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