Tom Kreisler: Themes and Recent Variations

This exhibition is now closed

Christchurch's first Trustbank Canterbury Artist in Residence, Tom Kreisler, has been based in the Arts Centre since June 1989. Although a resident of New Plymouth, Tom Kreisler is no stranger to Christchurch having attended the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in the late 1960s. Kreisler has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand including a survey exhibition of his work since 1970 held at the Wellington City Art Gallery in 1987. In an interview with Fiona Clark at the time of an exhibition at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Kreisler said "Having lived with myself as a Foreigner, an outsider to most cultures, I know what I like in my work, and try to shape it accordingly." (Not a Dogs Show, W.C.A.G. 1986 Fiona Clark).

('Tom Kreisler: Themes and Recent Variations', Bulletin, No.67, February/March 1990, p.3)

This exhibition was held at the Robert McDougall Art Annex in the Arts Centre.