Patrick Hanly: Art is Love

This exhibition is now closed

In keeping with the spirit of Christchurch's 1993 Festival of Romance, the Annex in association with the George Hotel, Christchurch, will present an exhibition of prints by Patrick Hanly entitled Art is Love.

Patrick Hanly is one of New Zealand's most well known and acclaimed modern artists. Over a distinguished thirty year career Hanly has made paintings and prints which brim with exuberance and joy of life. Charged with bright colour, Patrick Hanly's images explore the daily complexities of personal relationship, and the relationships of people to their environment.

The prints in the exhibition range from very early works to those produced very recently by this senior New Zealand artist. Celebrations of life and love, and manifestations of the joy Hanly takes in the creative impulse, these works project an energetic and uplifting mood.

('Prints by Pat Hanly', Bulletin, No.83, January/February 1993, p.4)