Mau Mahara: Our Stories in Craft

This exhibition is now closed

Mau Mahara – Our Stories in Craft is an historical exhibition that traces 150 years of New Zealand culture.

Each exhibit has been selected not only for its aesthetic value but also for the story that it tells about the craftsperson and New Zealand's craft heritage.

Objects and stories come from a diverse background of both Maori and Pakeha cultures. The stories explore the joy of making, the skills and knowledge perseverance and ingenuity needed to make objects of beauty or utility.

Mau Mahara – Our Stories in Craft is the Crafts Council of New Zealand's contribution to the 1990 commemorations marking 150 years since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi by its partners. The traditions and aspirations of our peoples are found together in Mau Mahara, an exhibition to play tribute to the energies that have shaped New Zealand Craft.

The exhibition spans the full range of traditional craft media and contains a diverse and fascinating range of objects. The contemporary display of objects which includes audio-visual material will make Mau Mahara a very special craft event.

('Mau Mahara: Our Stories in Craft', Bulletin, No.73, April/May 1991, p.1)