Christchurch Arts Festival: International of Drawings

This exhibition is now closed

The exhibition of drawings by artists of international stature was one of the highlights of the 1978 Christchurch Arts Festival. It was the first of its kind to be held in New Zealand. It was the outcome of intense planning and coordination on the part of its originator, printmaker Barry Cleavin.

Contemporary artists from 40 countries were invited to participate in the competition. They were asked to submit one drawing made since 1975 and the criteria for winning was the quality of the drawing, without emphasis on style and technique. 194 artists from 32 countries were submitted. 5 finalists were chosen.

Ralph Hotere's Ko wai koe was selected as the clear winner by Hamish Keith and endorsed by art critics.

Tremendous enthusiasm for the exhibition was shown by the public with record numbers attending.

  • Date:
    3 March – 1 April 1978
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