Cerith Wyn Evans: Things are Conspicuous in their Absence...

This exhibition is now closed

Cerith Wyn Evans is an artist with a rich conceptual practice.  This work was acquired and displayed to mark the retirement of Christchurch Art Gallery’s long-standing and much-loved director Jenny Harper.

Wyn Evans often works with light and text, setting up situations which encourage thought and deep personal reflection. He proposes ideas which connect people across time and space: “I have an incurable desire for the impossible”, he says.

Of Things are conspicuous in their absence… he writes: "The neon work is a gesture, a dance of sorts rife with interior folds revealing veiled and unveiling paradox… the ‘absence’ it refers to [is] flaunted as presence in its conspicuousness. The ‘things’ [offer] a challenge to interrogate the nature of object relations… and in turn, the nature of objects."