Grant Lingard

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1961, d.1995

Mummy’s boy - smells like team spirit

  • c. 1995
  • Soap
  • Presented to the Gallery by the estates of Grant Lingard and Peter Lanini, 1998
  • 130 x 83 x 257mm
  • 99/43.1-2
earlier labels about this work
  • Art Detectives, 20 October 2006 - 25 March 2007

    Grant Lingard has used a surprising material to make this sculpture of a pair of rugby boots, and has left us with something to puzzle over. Rugby boots could be seen as a symbol of what it means to be a Kiwi male, but the artist has turned this idea around to say something different here.

    Perhaps the title offers a clue. Could the artist be telling us about his own experience, and getting back at schoolmates who bullied him and gave him a hard time for not playing rugby and for not fitting in?