Grant Lingard

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1961, d.1995

Hutch and lure

  • Cotton, soap
  • Gift of the estates of Grant Lingard and Peter Lanini, 1998
  • 99/42.1-19

Brought to light, November 2009- 22 February 2011

Personal spaces feature in this sculpture by Grant Lingard. ‘Hutch and Lure’ was part of a memorable 1993 exhibition called ‘Smells Like Team Spirit’. In a series of funny and punchy sculptures, Lingard collided New Zealand’s omnipresent rugby culture with its seldom acknowledged gay culture – and hinted that the two have more in common than they admit. Lingard was a committed social critic, but his favoured means of engaging viewers was through material play and seductive wit. In ‘Hutch and Lure’, he has laid a kind of trap, as if attempting to lure players – or at least a few gallery-goers – inside the circle of homoerotic desire.