Don Peebles

Aotearoa New Zealand, b.1922, d.2010

Untitled Relief

  • 1991
  • Mixed media
  • Purchased, 1993
  • 484 x 600 x 55mm
  • 93/44
earlier labels about this work
  • This Constructionist work, where the forms are assembled or fabricated by the artist, reveals Peebles' enduring fascination with the relationships of plane, shape, colour and line. The conflicting tendencies of the abstract elements, light and shadow, horizontal and vertical, restriction and exuberance, are balanced and reconciled in such a way as to create a delicate unity of form. External references or symbols are uncommon in abstract works of this kind. Although the predominantly grey colour emphasises a sense of constrained order, the artist's underlying impulse towards expression is suggested in occasional vibrant flashes of colour.