C. Williams

British, active 1815-1820

The Progress Of Bankruptcy Letter 11 And Exclaimed ‘See The Cock Has Turn’d Round To The West’

  • Etching
  • Presented by Gordon H Brown, 1972
  • 132 x 217mm
  • 72/107

This print appeared in the satirical magazine 'The scourge, or monthly expositor of imposture and folly' in the issue of 1 August 1814, page 104.

The print accompanied a poem in which Londoner 'Jonathan Crump, tallow chandler and soap boiler' explains to his brother, a countryman, that his wife, despite her physical flaws, is worth hanging on to for her considerable wealth. The letter is written in crude rhyming couplets which amount to little more than doggerel.

See this print as it appeared in 'The scourge', digitised by the Internet Archive