Henry Scott Tuke

British, b.1858, d.1929

Drying Sails

In 1927 Tuke wrote to his sister from St Tropez:

'This place is just as paintable as I found it last year, only no sailing ships for the moment, but lots of the big sailing boats laden with barrels of wine. They are moored right in front of the hotel so I can sit on my balcony and paint all day long, but we go out as well on the Quays. The boats are all colours and are quite distractingly beautiful.'

Source: 'Henry Scott Tuke' by Maria Tuke Sainsbury (Secker, 1933), p 177 quoted in 'Henry Scott Tuke 1858-1929 under canvas' by David Wainwright and Catherine Dinn (Sarema Press, 1989), p 148.

Exhibition History