Populate! update #26 (Hot off the press)

Behind the scenes

Sure, Roger Sutton and his people have their work cut out rebuilding an entire city. We don't deny it's a big job.

But have they ever tried getting an issue of the Christchurch Art Gallery Bulletin out three weeks ahead of its usual publication date? No, we didn't think they had. But in our hands now, a schedule-shattering 21 days ahead of its usual June 1 launch date and in time for tomorrow's exhibition opening, is the tenth-birthday issue of Bulletin and comprehensive guide to the Populate! programme. It's a 72 page bumper behemoth of a magazine.


Herculean 'ups' to all who brought it in before time – chief among them its ed., Dave Simpson, and long-time Bulletin designers and collaborators Strategy Design & Advertising, who have delivered an especially seductive package this time. With some striking contents...