And the winners of the Mickey to Tiki tu Meke print are...

Behind the scenes

Even I was taken aback by the fervour, kind words and support for our wee competition.  A huge thank you to all on Facebook for sharing our shop location, Off 121 Tuam Street, next to the Central Library (shameless aren't I!)

Our new Shop

Our new Shop

So the winners and there are a few more than 50 as people were sharing at the same time etc, etc etc. Sorry if you missed out but I have a wee special something else in mind soon, keep watching Facebook. If you live in Christchurch it would be great if you could come and pick up your print if not then please mail postal details to ray.welsh@ccc.govt.nz

So here goes congrats and thanks to; Nicola Cotterill, Maree Hewitt, Melanie Whyte, Maurz Tanne, Agnieszka Parr, Nerillee Ferrand, Miriana Ried, Bonita Cooke, Renette Lambrechts, Sue Biggs, Tina McCormack, Joanna Wedding, becky Broeks, Amanda Sherwood, Maria Lee, Kate Buchanan, Warren Chilton, Karen R Reeves, Jessica Bullion, Shelly Rose Taylor, Laquisha Redfern, Ngaire Borlase, Rachel Deuchrass, Anna Holmes, Marcela Ramos, Abbie McKinlay, David Woodings, Jane Greary, Angela McNabb, Brigitte Stemmet, Jud Fretter, Rebecca Thomson, Michelle McCormack, Paula Muir, Bec Cathro, Steve Gray, Hollie Vogel, Mia Immers, James Mcbeth Dann, Kim Mutu, Kylie Frisby, Jan Wikaira, Kirstin Gilbert, Namiko Hickson, Tina Frayle, Paul Donaldson, kate Mehrtens, Charlotte Muir, Amanda Bird, Kat Hitchins, James Green, Erika Lind Isakson, Rachel Zajac.